Adele – Model 0002CE -  Adele came in to the shop a few years ago – loved the sound and look of the 0002CE and bought it right away.  She mostly uses it for writing these days.


Adam Sutherland – Treacherous Orchestra – Standard Mandolin.


Ally McErlaine  - Texas and Red Sky July – Model 0002/SB and Custom Electric.


Anna Macdonald – Singer/Songwriter – Custom 00 with Black Acacia back & sides.Anna MacDonald


Anna Massie –multi instrumentalist - Blazin’ Fiddles, The Unusual Suspects, Capercaillie, Kate Rusby, Eddi Reader – A Plus E Mandolin – sunburst.


Allan Olsen – Danish singer/songwriter – Allan has one of the first acoustics we ever built – a standard 000 purchased circa 1980.


Ashton Lane – Esther O’Connor Model 0003, Tim O’Connor- Custom Super Jumbo left hand and Jamie Duffin – RD3.


Babydaddy Scissor Sisters – Custom Flying V Banjo – The band were looking for an electric banjo for a world tour – and Babydaddy came up with this idea!


Big Country – Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson commissioned various electric guitars and mandolins during the ‘80’s and early ‘90’s  -one of the most unusual being ’The Duchess’ which was a replica of Bo Diddley’s sister’s guitar.

Breabach - Ewan Robertson Custom African Rosewood dreadnought


Bryan Adams –Signature Model Guitar and RD3 – Bryan has consistently been playing his RD3 since 2004 and a few years later took delivery of his new signature model which was designed around the RD3. 



Cantarrach – Steve Lawrence & Ross Kennedy – Steve is a long time customer and has quite a collection of Moon instruments including a Model 0003 guitar, an 8 string Guitar/Bouzouki, an Octave Mandolin and a Tenor Mandola.  Ross has a custom dreadnought and a standard bouzouki.


Cherrygrove – Marianne Fraser -0003CE


COLDPLAY – Guy Berryman – Custom Acoustic Bass and AplusE Mandolin – sunburst.  We met Guy a few years ago when he was looking for a mandolin to use in their live shows.  He was delighted with the Aplus – and asked if we would build an Acoustic Bass.  It has Koa back & sides and Sitka Spruce ‘Bear Claw’ soundboard.


Craig Armstrong – composer (films including Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Ray, Love Actually) – Custom Super Jumbo – black finish.



Dougie MacLean – Signature Model 000. – Dougie has been playing these guitars for a number of years now  – link to Signature guitar page.


Del Amitri Justin Currie – 5 String Bass –built for Justin circa 1985.

Iain Harvie – Tartan Guitar – not made, but refinished by us for a Glasgow show.


Donnie Munro – Runrig – Model 0001 and 0003/12 string.



Findlay Napier – and the Bar Room Mountaineers – Custom 0003 & Custom C2 (Maple/Gloss)




Greg Lawson – Moishe’s Bagel. Dougie MacLean Band, Salsa Celtica –Standard Mandolin.


Gordon Gunn –Gordon Gunn Band, Session A9,  – Standard Mandolin



Haugaard & Hoirup (DK)– Harald Haugaard – Standard Octave Mandolin



Islanders (DK) – Paul Kelly – A Plus E Mandolin – sunburst


Iain Forbes – guitarist – Limited Edition Glasgow Rose.


Innes Watson – guitarist, fiddler, composer and arranger – Custom 0003 with Black Acacia back & sides.



Jill Jackson – singer/songwriter – Jill has played her model 0003 for a number of years now.

JJ Gilmour - singer/songwriter - JJ has very recently taken delivery of his custom RD3 with an LR Baggs Element pickup



Kassidy – Lewis Andrew– Lewis has two custom 12 string guitars – one a natural finished 000 body size with a cutaway and the other a Super Jumbo with a hand rubbed stained soundboard.

Barrie O’Neill – Barrie has a custom PF-0003 with a slot head and black gloss finish.

Kathie Johnston - Southern Comfort Band (Brixham) - Standard Mandolin

Kepa Junkera Band  –Angel Unzu - Standard Mandolin.




Lee Ann Womack band – Joe Manuel – Standard Bouzouki


Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Lloyd commissioned a thinline ‘Tele’ style guitar back in the late ‘80’s  which he used extensively during that period.  The guitar was recently auctioned and raised £4000.00 for Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy.

Bass player Lawrence Donegan had a ‘Telecaster’ style bass made and guitarist Neil Clark a black ‘Tele’ styled guitar.



Maeve Dunphy - Singer/Songwriter from Northern Ireland - Model 0001

Maurice Henderson – Fiddler’s Bid – A PlusE Mandolin – sunburst


Manus Lunny – Capercaille -  Mandocello and Custom Bouzouki.  


Meic Stevens – Welsh singer/songwriter and national treasure! – Custom 0003 & Custom Super Jumbo.


Michael McGoldrick – Virtuoso Flute, Uilleann Pipes and whistle player – Custom A Plus E Cittern



Peter Rowan – Custom Dreadnought affectionately known as ‘The Plough’ – as Peter asked to have that star constellation on the fingerboard.


Paolo Nutini – RD3 – Paolo has used his dreadnought since the beginning of his career.  Fellow band member David Nelson plays a custom left hand Super Jumbo.


Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant bought a Moon DC – double cutaway electric back in 1989 when he was recording in Park Lane Studio next door.


Phil Cunningham – Phil has a Standard Mandolin and recently took delivery of a custom Tenor Ukulele that has a little accordion, inlaid on the headstock!


Primevals – Tom Rafferty – Tom has two custom electrics – one is a straight thro’ neck ‘Strat’ and the other is a ‘Tele’ style guitar.



Ross Ainslie – piper and composer. Treacherous Orchestra. Dougie MacLean Band - Standard Mandolin .


Roy Harper - Custom African Rosewood Dreadnought. 

Runrig – Rory Macdonald – Rory has two Moon Guitars – an RD3 dreadnought and a 0002 – gloss Maple.



Sandi Thom – A Plus E Mandolin – a birthday gift from Sandi’s mum.


Simple Minds – Charlie Burchill – transparent black Custom Hollow body 6 string and a Jazz style semi acoustic 12 string with the Claddah symbol inlaid on the headstock.


Steve Earle – Model T Electro Acoustic mandolin.  Steve picked up on this in 1997 when his mandolin was lost by an airline during a tour of UK and Ireland.  His guitar tech (Coco) had come in looking for a replacement and figured Steve would like the Model T and he was right – he bought two! He also owns a Standard Mandolin and his brother Patrick has an Tenor Mandola.



 Tia Files - Guitarist - Bodega, rua McMillan trio - 0003CE


Trevor Rabinex YES guitarist and current film composer of numerous Hollywood blockbusters – including Armageddon, Enemy of the State, Deep Blue Sea and Race To Witch Mountain.  Trevor’s RD3 was gifted to him from Bryan Adam’s after a musical collaboration.  He has told us that he uses the guitar for most of his writing.


Tom Copson – singer/songwriter – RD3 dreadnought.  



Tumult – Danish Folk band – fiddle and mandolin player Jorgen Dickmeiss has a Standard Octave Mandolin




Wet Wet Wet – We made a few custom guitars for guitarist Graeme Duffin in the early ‘90’s at the peak of the band’s success.  He had a cherry red ‘Tele’ style electric, a sunburst 6/12 Double Neck – (one was set up for slide) and a hollow body 12 string.  Graham Clark also had a transparent black double cutaway electric.


Wrigley Sisters – Hazel Wrigley has a 0002/12 string acoustic



Zac Ware – guitarist The Proclaimers – A Plus E - sunburst